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3 Types Of Siding Material For Your Home

Making sure your home is attractive on the exterior of it may have you looking at various siding materials. This is an effective way for you to add the value of your property and choose a material that can be both durable and attractive, as well. Here are some types of siding you can choose.

Type #1: Vinyl siding

One popular way to ensure your home is protected from the outside elements is to rely on vinyl siding to help you do so. The advantages of selecting vinyl siding include that it’s inexpensive, and is easy to install.

The average price of this type of siding is only $2–3 per square foot if you do it yourself. However, if you have a professional do the work for you, the cost per foot will be more. Another good reason to choose vinyl siding is that is easy to maintain.

Type #2: Aluminum Siding

It’s ideal to choose a siding type that is fireproof and aluminum siding is one that is most commonly selected for this reason. This type of siding is also durable and can last up to 40 years.

However, there are some disadvantages to using aluminum siding, and these include any paint on the metal to begin to fade which can distract from the appearance of it. The average price of this type of siding is $2.50-$3.50 per square foot.

Type #3: Wood Siding

One way to provide a more natural look to your home is to consider wood siding. There are many advantages to selecting this siding type and some of these include you being able to paint it the color you’d like.

However, it will be necessary to do a certain amount of routine maintenance to the wood, or you could risk the possibility of rot occurring too quickly. On the other hand if you use plywood, there will be a significant decrease in the chance of your wood rotting.

The cost of having a home that is made of wood siding may vary based on the exact type of wood that is being used and the cost of lumber.  The average cost of installing yellow, spruce, or pine wood to a 1,250 exterior is approximate $6,500–7,500 when completed by a professional.

Choosing the right wood siding for your home can make a significant difference in its overall appearance. Be sure to rely on the ideal siding contractors like Allstate Gutter & Siding to help you get the job done right.

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Design Trends For Kitchen Cabinets

The cabinet is an essential aspect of your kitchen. Not only do the cabinets provide the majority of your storage space, but they take up a lot of visual space as well. This means the cabinetry has a big visual impact on the design of your kitchen. Makeover your kitchen cabinets for efficiency and style.

Glass-Paned Doors

An attractive trend for kitchen cabinets is opening the fronts up with glass. Select cabinets get their doors replaced with glass framed in wood. The glass reflects the light back into the kitchen, providing it with an airy ambiance. It also increases the visual space. For a touch of creativity, select ribbed or frosted glass for the panes.

Painted Cabinets

Painting cabinets has long been a method for updating a tired kitchen. However, painted cabinets are a design element unto themselves. One trend is to choose an unusual kitchen color such as chic gray. Another option is doubling up on the colors. For instance, choose one color for the top cabinets and another for the lower. Pick the lighter color for the top if you want to visually increase vertical space. A fun option is to use chalk paint on some of the cabinets.

Furniture Style

For a vintage, cottage or country kitchen, an old-fashioned profile is appropriate. The cabinets should have weight like pieces of antique furniture. In fact, the trend is to add furniture detailing to the cabinets themselves. Carved feet, corbels and a mantle around the range are some options.

Don’t let the antique feel end there. Consider adding a distressed glaze finish, which gives the illusion that the cabinets have been in use for decades. Likewise, select ornate hardware typical of old farmhouse kitchens. For real rustic charm, blend this look with the duo-colored cabinets, which hints at a kitchen that’s been changed through the generations while maintaining its home-spun charm.

Customized Storage

Sometimes it really what’s inside that counts. In this case, Better Homes and Gardens suggests eschewing the cavernous spaces of standard cabinets in favor of customized storage.

One option is having some pull-out doors affixed to shelving. The customizable shelves can hold pots and pans, baking sheets, small appliances or other kitchen items that get lost in the basic caverns. A tall version of this construction can serve as a pull-out pantry. 

Alternatively, keep the shelving separated from the door but still able to pull out. Mounted on tracks, such shelving is another method for organizing your kitchen storage.

Let your cabinets drive both the style and functionality of your kitchen. For further assistance, contact a local outlet, such as Superior Cabinet Supply.

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A Cleanup Aid: Benefits Of Roll Off Services For Your Next DIY Project

When you have a big do it yourself project on your hands, such as a bathroom renovation or a kitchen remodel, it can be overwhelming to plan and execute the project from start to finish. For that reason, you need to handle the logistical matters and make sure that you are controlling as many factors as possible, for a smooth, streamlined project. In that regard, roll off services for dumpster and recycling container rental are key. To understand why you need to invest in these rentals for your construction project, read on to understand the benefits. 

#1 – You Are Acting In An Environmentally Sound, Less Wasteful Manner

One of the best reasons to spring for a roll off dumpster rental is that you are flat out being a good steward of the environment. Rather than worrying about the amount of pollution and waste you are creating with your project, outsource collections to a dumpster rental company that can help you out. They will give you a breakdown of accepted items, so that you do not accidentally include any hazardous materials that you are discarding from your project. They will quickly and conveniently remove the dumpster from your property, while giving you the peace of mind to know that all waste will be allocated to the proper location for the best waste management practice.

#2 – Your Property Will Be A Clean Haven, Rather Than An Eyesore

Aside from avoiding damage to the environment, you will get peace of mind of knowing that your own property is as clean as possible when you get roll off services. If you have seen some home improvement projects before, you know that it does not take much for the exterior property to quickly become an eyesore. This unsanitary practice of collecting junk is not only messy, it creates fire hazards and can even attract pests which will set up nests inside of discarded garbage and containers. Hiring a roll off service will prevent this and nip it in the bud.

#3 – Roll Off Services Are Affordable

One of the greatest benefits of roll off services is that they are very cost effective. Most people only pay between approximately $291 and $579. You may even be able to catch deals or discounts if you shop around with different companies in your area.

Use this info to your advantage as you look to hire a dumpster rental service for your next home improvement effort.

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Maintaining Comfort And Avoiding Disaster – Signs Your Boiler Is In Need Of Repair

Many heating systems installed over the last century have one central component that ultimately determines the system’s efficiency or failure. Your home’s boiler is generally considered to be tough and reliable, but like any other part of your home, it needs to be maintained in order to function at its highest efficiency. Unfortunately, many people lack awareness of the signs which demonstrate a need for a repair.

Below, you’ll find a guide to some of those signs and a few suggestions of things which may suggest it’s time for a boiler repair call. Keeping your eyes, ears, and nose open to these warnings will help guarantee that your home stays warm and functional, and can save you from costly and extensive reconstruction.

Metallic Odors

When your heater is operational, the familiar smell of warm air should be comforting and even relaxing. When you’re in a given environment on a regular basis, you tend to get used to the ambient smells, so it’s important that you stay vigilant of potential changes.

If metallic odors begin wafting through your vents when your boiler is operational, it could be a sign of rust or other structural weaknesses infiltrating your heating system. These smells should be immediately identified and investigated, as they’re often a warning of a pending failure of your boiler tank or other important components.

Unusual Noises

As with your sense of smell, your sense of hearing also tends to acclimate to your frequent surroundings. In the case of your heating and cooling system, the cycle of your motor and the air coming through the vents all tend to fade into the background, so loud clanking and banging sounds should also sound an immediate alarm.

Often times, these unusual noises are the result of sediment buildup in your boiler tank creating difficulty in evenly distributing heated air. Be aware of these sounds, and when you notice them, schedule a tank clean out right away.

Visible Leaks

Your boiler should be a closed and contained system, and maintaining adequate water pressure is essential for guaranteeing its efficient function. When leaks develop, then, it poses a real concern for efficiency as well as safety. If you notice water pooling or dripping around the exterior of your boiler tank, it’s often a sign that seams or even walls of the tank are beginning to fail. Having your tank professionally inspected by someone like Anytime Plumbing Services is the best way to patch these weak spots and guarantee you continue to get the service you desire.

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Replacing Rubber Supply Hoses To A Washing Machine With Braided Stainless Steel

The typical residential washing machine is connected to a water supply by two hoses, each several feet in length. Many supply hoses are made of rubber, making them susceptible to breakage. Property owners with rubber supply hoses on their washing machines can decrease the possibility of water leaks by replacing the hoses with braided stainless steel versions.

The use of rubber hoses for interior plumbing is relatively uncommon. The Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety reports that washing machine leaks are one of the top 10 causes of residential water damage, with hose failures accounting for over half of those leaks. The best way to reduce the chance of a sudden rupture is to replace the rubber hose with a better product.

Steel braiding

Braided stainless steel hoses are available for washing machine applications. Although the hose exterior is made up of flexible metal braids, it contains rubber or PVC tubing on the inside. The braided steel exterior greatly reduces the risk that a weak spot in the tubing might lead to a sudden rupture.


The first step when replacing the hoses is to unplug your washing machine from the wall outlet. Carefully slide the machine away from the wall, ensuring that the two supply hoses and the single drain hose are not overextended. Determine which supply hose is for hot water and which is for cold water. Label the washing machine connections, if necessary, to distinguish the two.

Before disconnecting the old supply hoses, place a container on the floor to catch any water that is released. After turning off the water supply valves, loosen the hose connections with pliers and remove the old hoses from both the washing machine and supply outlets.

Position the replacement hoses in place of the old hoses, and tighten the connections with pliers. Push the washing machine back to its original location so that none of the hoses bind against the wall. Turn the water supply back on. After reconnecting the electrical plug of the washing machine, it is ready for use.

Long-term practicality

Braided stainless steel hoses withstand the ongoing pressure of water systems better than rubber hoses. For many washing machines, it is not practical to turn off the supply valves whenever the machine is not in use, so stronger hoses are the most practical solution.

It only takes a moment to glance behind your washing machine to determine what type of supply hose is in use. Contact an appliance repair specialist for more information on hose replacement or any other washing machine repair.

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Four Tips To Help You Get Ready For A Cold Winter With Heating Maintenance

While it may be hot now, it is soon going to be getting cold and you want to be prepared for the winter. This means doing maintenance to ensure that your family is ready. You also want to revise your heating system and make sure that everything is in good shape before the first frost comes. Here are some tips to help you prepare your heating for the cold winter ahead:

1. Turn Everything Off Before Working On Mechanicals

Before you begin working on any mechanical systems, you will want to make sure everything that is off. Turn off the main power switch for your HVAC system, which will be located near the unit. If you have gas or oil systems, make sure that the fuel valves are also in the off position before you start doing maintenance.

2. Clean Out The Fire Chamber Of Your System

Most systems will also have a fire chamber. This is where the fire from the furnace provides heat for your home. You should have an access panel to clean out the chamber. You will want to use a chimney sweeping tool to clean out all the ash and debris from the inside of this chamber.

3. Inspect Exhaust Systems And Ventilation In Area Of The Unit

Exhaust of your system is also important. You will want to check all the pipes to make sure that they are connected properly and that there is no damage. If your furnace is in a closed space, check to make sure that it has proper ventilation, such as vented doors or a special exhaust outlet vent. If you have vents that open and close, make sure that they are open before you start using your heating.

4. Change The Filter, Check Ductwork And Inspect Blower

The last step in your seasonal maintenance is to change the filter and inspect the ducts and blower. Open the access panel and look to see that the blower compartment is free of debris. If it is dirty and dusty, you can use vacuum attachments to clean it out. Check the ducts for damage and loose insulation, repairing any damage you find before turning your system on.

These are things that you will want to do to prepare your heating for the summer months. If you need help with maintenance and repairs to your heating before the cold gets here, contact an HVAC contractor, like Thompson Heating & Air Conditioning Inc, and talk with them about helping you with some of these tasks.

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What Countertop Materials Work For Outdoor Kitchens?

Outdoor kitchens provide the ability to cook and eat meals in the fresh air and enjoy the scenery around you. When building an outdoor kitchen, you will need to decide on the countertop material. Here are some of the best countertops available for outdoor kitchens.


Concrete is a great material to use for your outdoor kitchen countertops, not just because of the stability of the countertops, but also because it is an outdoor-friendly material. You won’t deal with damage to the countertops due to heavy winds, rain, or other weather conditions. They can also be made to look any way you like with the help of decorative stamps, dyes, and paint. They are not susceptible to dents and scratches, so while you should still use cutting boards, they won’t take much damage if you accidentally cut them or drop something heavy on top. Concrete is also among one of the least expensive materials for countertops.


For a high-end countertop option, consider having granite installed. This provides a luxury look if you not only want to cook outside, but you want the ultimate in entertaining. Granite has some excellent properties for kitchens since it is highly resistant to heat, is easy to keep clean, and is very durable. On the downside, you will naturally pay more for granite. Installation might also cost a little more since specialized tools are used to cut it and the material itself is very heavy. You should also be aware that it can get stains from grease, so be careful cooking around these countertops.


If you are going for more of a rustic appearance for your outdoor kitchen, consider having flagstone countertops installed. This is a more cost-friendly option while also providing the natural look of outdoor spaces. It is installed by using mortar and grout in the joints in between the flagstone tiles. While it can provide a unique appearance and is generally acceptable for outdoor kitchens, it is also easy to stain and difficult to clean. To remedy this, flagstone should be sealed properly and re-sealed on a regular basis.


Another unique countertop option for your outdoor kitchen is soapstone. This is also very resistant to heat and staining, similar to granite, so it is an excellent option. However, it can be scratched easily, so you need to be careful when using it. Always have a cutting board around so you don’t accidentally scratch the surface of your new countertops. It will also get fingerprints and other spots if you don’t seal it.

For more information, contact a kitchen remodeling contractor.

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