Time to Raise The Roof

3 Types Of Roofing Materials

When it comes to protecting your home from the weather elements and providing the necessary amount of shelter, your roof will play a large role. It is important for your well-being and the structure of your home to use a high-quality roofing material. Knowing the various types to select from can help you when you are faced with replacing your roof.

Asphalt roofing

One of the most common types of used roofing materials is asphalt shingles. This type comes in a variety of textures and colors for you to select.

These may be made of multiple shingles or a single one and may last up to 20 years. This time span may vary based on the location in which you live. Extreme weather conditions may potentially shorten this time.

This shingle type is easy to install, although most homeowners will hire a roofing contractor to complete the job accurately. Additionally, you can expect to pay $1-$4 per square foot for the removal of your old shingles and installation of the new ones.

Metal roofing

One of the longer lasting types of roofs to choose from is a metal roof. This typically comes in long sheets and is easily installed by a professional.  The advantages of choosing this type of roof include it being light-weight, and fire resistant.  Additionally, a metal roof can last 50-75 years.

The major disadvantage of selecting a roof of this type is the cost. This is one of the most expensive roofing options. The average cost per square foot for a metal roof is $3-$7.50.

Tile roofing

If you want to add an improvement to the architectural look of your home, you may want to consider tile roofing.  These are made of ceramic or concrete for you to enjoy.

Listed below are some of the advantages of this roof type:

1. Fire-resistant – A tile roof won’t be capable of catching on fire.

2. No staining – A roof of this type won’t stain or grow mold over time.

3. Durable – A tile roof can last for 50-75 years depending on the type of material that is used.

The average cost of this type of roofing is $4.50-$9 per square foot which makes it the most expensive type to select for your roof.

Finally, it’s important to choose the best type of roof to meet your individual needs. Once you have made your selection, consider talking to a roofing contractor (such as Damphousse Roofing LLP) for the installation of it for the best results.

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New Gas Tankless Water Heaters Save You Big

If you take showers that turn cold at the end, or you have to wait at least an hour after someone uses the shower to get hot water again, you need to a new water heater. A new gas tankless water heater is the perfect option.

There are many benefits to ditching the old water heater in your basement, and replacing it with a tankless unit. These benefits aren’t just going to be more convenient for your hot water needs, but they also include saving you money. Here are a few advantages to enjoy with a tankless gas water heater.

Hot Water Now

The tankless water heater will warm the water as it comes out of the water pipe and through the water heater instantly. You don’t have to wait for it to heat up, and you don’t have to wait for new water to heat. You can get hot water for as long as you want, and you can get it in multiple different faucets or appliances around the home at the same time.


The hot water is going to be heated when needed, and the appliance doesn’t work around the clock to keep water at a desirable temperature. You don’t waste gas and electricity, saving you a lot of money. You also don’t have to turn the hot water faucet on and sit while the water runs, testing the water and waiting for it get hot. This wastes water and may be costing you money.

Space Conservation

A large water tank that sits to store water can take up a lot of space. The tankless unit can fit in a closet, near the plumbing in the basement, or even in a cupboard, it is so small. You have options where you want to put it, and you can hide it.

You’ll want to check with your water heater installation expert to see what different models are Energy Star certified, so you can get a federal tax rebate for the purchase. You are going to save money with an energy efficient appliance, and you are going to get long hot showers that aren’t interrupted by sudden cold water bursts. If you are worried about the removal of your old hot water heater, ask the professional like one from Clean Plumbers BY Phillip Maurici Plumbing Inc if they have a removal service. If they don’t, you may want to take it to a scrap yard to get some cash.

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How To Choose The Right Exterior Siding Color For Your Home

Whether you have made the decision to change your siding because you’re updating your home, or need new siding because damage has occurred to your home, it can be difficult to find the right color for your home. You can always go with the color you had, or do something a little different to freshen the look of your home. Making the wrong color choice can make your home look more like an eyesore, which you definitely do not want. See below for a few color ideas and tips to help you choose.

How To Choose

With so many color options to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming when you are given color samples from your siding contractor. Find inspiration all around you to help you choose the right color. See below for a few helpful tips.

  • Look Around You. Look all around your home and your neighborhood to find colors that appeal to you. Try and complement the colors of nature around your home with the color of your home. For instance, if you live in a home surrounded by beautiful gardens, lighter colors or pastels would work well with your home’s exterior. 
  • Use Your Personal Style. If you love the color yellow for instance, find a yellow color that you can use for your home’s siding. If yellow is too much as a siding color, use it for the shutters, or your front door instead. You want to go with a color you are actually going to like, so if you hate the color brown for example, don’t use it for your siding color.

Siding Color And Material Ideas

Finding the right color may be easy for you, but does it match with the brick or stone on your home? See below for a few color ideas to match with different types of brick and stone.

  1. Grey brick, stone veneer accents, tan shaker siding, forest green shutters, with off-white accents.
  2. Ledge-stone veneer, taupe shaker siding accents, taupe siding, brick red shutters and door, with creme colored trim accents.
  3. Grey and blue cobblestone veneer, grey board and batten primary siding, dark grey accent siding, black shutters and front door, with white accent trim.
  4. Tan ledge-stone veneer, brick red shaker primary siding, taupe secondary siding, with tan accent trim.

Choosing your home’s colors doesn’t have to mean just one color. You can have multiple colors and accent colors to help give your home more dimension and character. Look around you for inspiration and choose your colors based on your own personal style. Consult a siding contractor like Griffitts Construction Inc. for more help when choosing your home’s colors.

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What To Consider Before Hiring A Mold Removal Company

Mold formation is a problem that affects many buildings and houses each year. It’s initially visible on doors and windows, and then starts growing based on the level of dampness in the indoor environment. At its initial stage, mold is relatively harmless. However if left untreated, it can become toxic and thus pose serious health risks to human beings. There are a few things that you need to consider before hiring a mold removal company.

Detecting mold spores

Detecting mold is quite easy since the size of the spores is visible to the naked eye. This means that you don’t really need to use any sophisticated device to find out about the problem. As mentioned earlier, mold can be spotted at various locations around the house/building such as windows or HVAC units. But, you should never assume that the problem is minor simply because you saw a low number of spores. When it comes to mold, whatever is visible on the wall/windows is only the tip of the iceberg.

Another way to detect mold is by watching for respiratory symptoms. If one of the house/building occupants suffers from asthma and starts showing symptoms, then it means that mildew is in the air.

How is mold removal conducted?

Before mold removal is performed, you’ll need to have your building/house tested to see how bad the problem is. The diagnosis will help outline the best strategy to dry the areas that have been affected, and eradicate the problem permanently.

Testing companies vs. removal companies

Finding a mold removal company can sometimes be challenging, especially since this sector isn’t really regulated. Many small businesses claiming to offer mold-related services are created each year, as there are no entry barriers. The absence of regulation also explains why many consumers keep on being victims of scams as time passes. You should thus be careful when browsing for a mold removal company if you don’t want to become a scam statistic in your turn.

One of the things that you should pay attention to is if the company that you’ve contacted also offers to conduct the mold investigation. Because of the obvious conflict interest, you can expect the results of the investigation to be biased. The best strategy would be to request an investigation from one company and the removal from another.

Applying these tips will increase your chances of detecting and eliminating your mold problem in your house/building.

For more information check out companies such as Colfax Corporation

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Roof Replacements During Monsoon Season: Relying On The Weather Forecast To Complete Emergency Work

Monsoon season is not the best time to be working on roofing contracts. However, roofs damaged as the result of the bad weather absolutely have to be repaired or replaced. However, if you work for a company like Slaughter Roofing Co, you should know that there are ways to work around the troublesome and potentially dangerous storms during this time of year, and if you and your workers are careful, you can get a lot of work completed.

Monitor the Weather Reports Frequently

Whether you keep track on your radio, your CB in your trucks, or the TV in your office, you can work in between storms. It may mean two hours here, five hours there or working overnight when the sky is clear for six or seven hours, but it can be done. As far as your residential customers are concerned, you may want to have them find alternative housing until the roofing replacements or repairs are complete, which also gives you more time to complete the work because you are not interrupting the courses of their daily lives while you take advantage of rain-free work periods.

Break Out the Grounded Plugs and Rain Covers

Even though you plan on quitting work before it starts to rain, you want to protect the roof thus far and your equipment too. Since it will take some time to get everything covered or back on the truck, be sure to plug everything into a grounded electrical source or provide grounded plugs for all of your tools. Tarps are the cheapest way to keep everything from getting wet, but you will need to wrap and secure everything tightly to keep the monsoon winds from blowing the tarps away. Consider plastic or PVC covers for everything. They are a little more expensive, but are less likely to succumb to the high winds.

Clear out a Half Hour Before the Rains Arrive

You and your construction crew will need to show up a half hour before the intended start time. If it is raining, wait the half hour before uncovering everything to make sure the rain will stop. At least you will be ready to work if and when it stops, rather than arriving on site, on the exact hour, and wasting valuable time setting up. Get ahead of your work and ahead of the storms so you know when you need to shut down for the day, clean up and send your crew home.

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Whey Every Homeowner Should Consider Asphalt For Their New Driveway

When you need a new driveway poured for your home, you can typically choose between concrete and asphalt. While both have their advantages, there are many reasons to choose asphalt. Consider some of the advantages of this material so you know why it’s the right choice for your home.

1. It’s dark color can be a very attractive choice

Concrete can be very dull and drab, but the dark color of asphalt can make it stand out as an accent or border for your home and property. If you have a lighter home this can be an especially good choice as the dark color can keep your home’s light shade from seeming too casual and plain.

2. Asphalt can hold up better under shifting ground

Asphalt is much softer than concrete so when the ground shifts underneath it, the asphalt will simply shift with it. This is important to consider if you live in the tropics or anyplace where the ground tends to hold water, as it can get very soft. When concrete shifts it might crack or chip whereas you may not even notice that the asphalt has changed shape. You may face fewer repair bills when you choose asphalt for areas with soft or moist ground.

3. Asphalt repair is often quicker and more affordable than concrete repair

When concrete chips or cracks, it may need to be underpinned. This involves putting a set of braces under it to keep it level. It then may need to be reformed with concrete filler set into cracks, or chunks of it may need to be removed altogether. The entire process can be timely can expensive.

When asphalt cracks or gets ridges, the repair typically involves nothing more than adding some filler in the area and allowing it to set and dry. In many cases a homeowner can do this on their own with very few tools and little equipment.

4. Asphalt is usually more affordable and quicker to pour

Because of how difficult it is to mix and pour concrete, it is often a much more expensive choice of material than asphalt. It also may take several days to actually pour and even longer to set and dry, so that you cannot use your driveway during this time. Asphalt however is easier to mix and pour and may only need a day to be poured and another day or two to set. This allows you access to your driveway that much more quickly than concrete.

Talk to places like Stripe A Lot for more information on asphalt.

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5 Ways A Locksmith Can Improve Your Home’s Security

A locksmith is not a professional you call only when you’ve been locked out of your home or need your locks changed. They can actually provide many services that help to improve the overall security of your home. If you live in a high-crime area or just want to make your home more secure, consider how a locksmith can help.

1. Adding deadbolts to your doors

Having deadbolts on your doors can make your home secure, but having more than one deadbolt adds to this security. It takes a thief longer to try to pick the locks of these extra deadbolts, and it secures the door so it cannot be so easily kicked in. A commercial sized deadbolt can increase your home’s security overall and is a good choice for any homeowner who wants to increase security.

2. Installing a deadbolt to your garage door

Most garage door locks are very flimsy and small and offer little actual protection against thieves and intruders. A locksmith can install a sliding deadbolt on the inside of your garage door for added protection. If you have an attached garage on your home, this can keep intruders from making it to your back door, and for detached garages, this can keep your car and other stored items more secure. It can also decrease the chances of someone breaking into your garage and waiting for you to arrive.

3. Putting a security bar on your sliding door wall

A sliding door wall also typically has a very flimsy lock that is easy to break by an intruder. A locksmith can add a security bar that keeps the door in place so it cannot be opened very easily. This bar can also lock so it’s more secure than just a standard bar that might be pried open.

4. Upgrading your window locks

The tiny latches that are installed on your windows usually offer very little protection from a simple pry bar. A locksmith can add deadbolts, chains, and even alarms to your windows to keep them from being opened. Window locks can also work with keys for added security and bars can also be added to keep people from coming in through the windows.

5. Installing alarm systems

A locksmith typically does much more than just install locks; they often work to install alarm systems that work with your locks for even more security. If you want to upgrade your home’s security overall, call a locksmith like Arapahoe County Security Center Inc to add alarms, electronic locks, and other such features.

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