4 Tips for Beginner Welders

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Welding is one of those skills that when learned and developed well, it could really open up a lot of new doors to you as a craftsman. Whether you are looking to learn to weld just for your own general knowledge or you plan to take the skill into the workforce, your first few attempts can sometimes be rocky. Thankfully, there are some tips and tricks of the trade that can help you along the way.

1 February 2017

Tips For Removing Mildew Odors From Carpet


A musty odor emanating from your carpet is usually the result of mildew. The cause could be high humidity or moisture in the air, or the residue from a leak or water spill that wasn't cleaned up properly. Battling the musty odor so that your carpet both smells and looks good can be made easier with the following tips. Tip #1: Control the cause No odor eliminating method will work unless you handle the cause.

25 January 2017

Five Ideas To Include In Your Custom Built Home

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Buying a new home is even more exciting if you are having it custom built by home builders. It will match your needs and dreams. While you have likely given much thought to the number of rooms, kitchen layout, and other obvious design features, there are some key things that may be passing underneath your radar. The following are five things you should include in your new home. #1: Upgrade the outlets

13 January 2017

Are You Poisoning Your Children? Everything You Need To Know About Lead In Your Drinking Water

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Lead poisoning has been thrust into the public spotlight once again after evidence emerged that an entire city was drinking water contaminated with toxic levels of lead. While lead contamination rarely happens on this large of a scale, it is not uncommon. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that millions of children are being exposed to lead in their own homes. Following is everything you need to know about lead and your child.

3 January 2017

3 Home Remodeling Ideas To Consider When Your Family Begins To Grow


If your family is growing and you realize that you no longer fit into your home as well as you used to, then you may want to consider remodeling. This is a great alternative to having to sell your home and try to find a new one. Remodeling is also likely going to be less expensive than purchasing a new larger home, and it won't require you to have to relocate from an area where you are happy and comfortable.

14 December 2016

What You Need To Know About DIY Fireplace Painting


People make a decision to paint their fireplaces for various reasons. Sometimes it is a project that is started to change the appearance of a room. Other times painting bricks is desired to cover mismatched portions of fireplaces or to hide signs of aging. The following points will be valuable to you if you are considering painting your fireplace. Determine the desired outcome of the project beforehand. Some people decide to paint their fireplaces in an effort to make them the focal points of the rooms they are located in.

23 November 2016

4 Tips for Landscaping Your Front Yard Beautifully

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You've heard about curb appeal and how it adds value to your house. A large part of your home's curb appeal comes from the front-yard landscaping. Your front yard is the gateway from the street to your front door. Create a beautiful landscape that fosters the ambiance you want to promote in your front yard. Lead Visitors to the Front Door Your front walkway not only allows visitors to walk right up to the front door, it draws the eye to your house.

12 October 2016