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5 Fresh Ideas For Your Shower Stall

Your shower is an integral part of your morning routine. You probably step into the shower in the afternoon or evening at least once a week as well. Therefore, your shower stall is an important part of your bathroom design. If you’re considering a remodel or building from scratch, design a shower stall that complements both your bathroom and your bathing routine.

Sliding Glass Door

If your bathroom is on the small side, a sliding glass door for your shower is a good update. A clear glass door doesn’t impede the visual space. Likewise, the glass reflects light back into the bathroom, making it appear larger. You can even select different designs for the top track of your sliding glass door.

Frameless Shower Glass

A frameless glass enclosure is as practical as it is attractive. Frameless glass doors are a universal design staple because they don’t feature a rim for stubbing toes or otherwise impeding entrance into the shower. The frameless construction of the rest of the enclosure means no metal trim that can rust or collect mold, making clean up easier. Frameless glass also allows for a seamless visual transition from your stall to the rest of the bathroom.

Transom Windows

Transom windows are a unique addition for glass shower enclosures. Typically located above the door, transom windows open out to the rest of the bathroom. You can keep them open during your shower to minimize the accumulation of steam or simply provide additional ventilation. They also deliver an attractive design element for being so unexpected.

Massage Sprays

Whether you need a morning pick-me-up or a soothing shower after a workout, massaging sprays are a luxurious upgrade in your shower. Horizontal sprays are typically part of a spa panel, though they can be installed separately. Contractors angle them to best provide a back massage during your shower.

Double Shower

If you’ve got the space in your bathroom, consider a double shower. Such a construction almost takes on the feel of a shower room. Better Homes and Gardens suggests installing the double shower near a window or set of windows and utilizing glass walls to let the sun through. The design goal for the double shower is to keep things symmetrical, with shower heads on opposite sides and everything providing a mirror image of the other.

Glass shower doors and entire enclosures afford your bathroom an airy ambience. Massage sprays, transom windows and doubling up in the shower are affordable luxuries that make your bathroom unique. For more information, contact a company like Clifton Mirror & Glass.

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5 Tips To Prevent Key Duplication Fraud

Key duplication fraud is making a copy of a key without the consent of the owner. As silly as it may sound, key duplication fraud is becoming common for thieves. Think about it – they don’t have to break the door to get access to your office, house or car:

New technologies have developed an online key duplication software and unfortunately, thieves have the run for your money with it. The thieves take a photograph of the key they want to duplicate then they use the software to process the duplication, and are issued the key after payment. It’s also easy for them to reproduce new vehicle keys by sending the car’s Vehicle Identification Number label on the dashboard to the dealership. After a while, they are issued the duplicated key. Below are five tips to prevent key duplication fraud. 

1. Use an Authorization System

Companies can keep track of the keys made. They should set up an authorization system with their locksmith. The locks are installed after the specification of the number of keys is made. Duplication cannot be done until the authorization information is presented. This system can minimize duplication of keys by thieves and also makes it difficult for employees to request and make copies. 

2. Mark – Do Not Duplicate

The office should enforce strict regulations about making duplicate keys. To help aid this, they should have a tag ‘Do not duplicate’. Employees should just have to check in if they have lost or left behind their key. This is a reason that keycards have become so common in the workplace. Terminated employees should return the keys to the employer and this should be a part of their termination process. 

3. Inspect Employees Keys Often

A company should have a policy in place to ensure the given set of office keys are with their rightful owners. This prevents thieves from having access to the lost keys. 

4. Protect Your Vehicles VIN 

Covering the dashboard with opaque electric tape can prevent duplication of keys by viewing the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). The thieves will not be able to view the VIN, hence less duplication. 

5. Keep a Valet Key

Most updated cars have push button starters. Although you may have a valet key, this would only be used to open the door, not start the engine. This may be useful if someone is cleaning your vehicle or performing other types of inspections that don’t require your vehicle to start. If you have an older model vehicle, a valet key would start your vehicle and is a great option to have so no one gets the full set of your keys. 

Key duplication fraud makes it easy to break into your space and undetected when thieves have access to your keys. Follow the above five tips to protect your keys. To learn more, contact a company like Anytime Lock Key & Door with any questions or concerns you have.

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3 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Your New Home’s Floor Plan

Are you ready to have a custom home built on your very own plot of land? If so, then you’re probably looking forward to being able to design and plan for every last detail of your home. From the overall floor plan to the color of the paint on the walls, you have the ultimate choice in how your new home will look and function.

As you’re working with a designer on a viable floor plan, however, there are some mistakes you’ll want to avoid.

Not Considering Your Lifestyle

For starters, understand that not all floor plans will be practical for your needs, even though they might look amazing on paper. For example, open-concept spaces are very popular in the real estate world right now, but if you’re the type of person who enjoys having your own personal space and privacy, then an open floor plan might not work for you.

Furthermore, a two-story home with a beautiful staircase might be appealing, but if you’ve got a bad back, then a ranch may be a more practical option, so always be sure to imagine yourself actually living in the home before you make a decision.

Overlooking Maintenance Costs

Another common mistake made by homeowners having a homes custom designed and built is focusing too much on the cosmetics and not taking into consideration the type of maintenance that will come along with certain design or architectural choices. For instance, vaulted ceilings with sky lights might seem like a great idea, but who’s going to clean those sky lights each year?

A huge, wooden deck outdoors might make for a wonderful entertainment space, but what about the maintenance that comes along with owning a deck? Maybe a patio would be a better choice.

Overlooking Child Safety

Finally, if you have children now or are thinking about having them in the future, make sure that you take the safety of small children into consideration when designing your new home. Some home design choices simply don’t work as well when you have children, such as a home with many floors or a home where the master bedroom is on a separate floor from the children’s rooms.

If you’re working with a designer, be sure to let him or her know if you have kids or are thinking about having them in the future; this way, he or she can work on plans that will work better for a growing family.

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What Are The Benefits Of Commercial Junk Removal Services

No matter what type of business you own or operate, you’ll need to utilize junk removal service at one point or another. The accumulation of waste can be cumbersome at times, but you’ll be able to manage those issues when you have the help and service of a company that will look out for your. You may be on the fence about junk removal, or may simply not have the right information in front of you. In that regard, make sure you use these guide so that you can understand the advantages that you can enjoy when you use these services. 

Advantage #1: Junk Removal Makes Your Business Green Friendly

One of the biggest benefits of junk removal service is that it is green friendly. You’ll be able to not only clean out the waste in your office, you’ll also be able to be sure that waste gets to its proper location. This means that your waste will hit the landfill or recycling center in an environmentally conscious manner. You’ll be able to get rid of your products and chemicals in a way that prevents it from creating contamination and pollution in the environment. Being a good steward of the environment is an excellent business practice, which will carry you far. 

Advantage #2: You Lighten Your Work Load 

Without the help of junk removal companies, you’ll be leaving that burden to your own employees. By allowing third party contractors to come in, you’ll save time and energy on labor and will also cut down on transportation costs when taking waste to and from the landfill or recycling center. With junk removal, you’ll get someone out to your business who can get rid of waste based on the schedule that works best for you. 

Advantage #3: The Waste Removal Services Are Friendly On The Budget

You will have the opportunity to get rid of waste in a way that suits your business, with the help of experts who can look out for you. The cost of this service is typically close to $400 for businesses, which is a small price to pay based on the level of expertise that you are receiving. Always make sure that you shop around for this help, by getting quotes from companies that can look out for you. 

Consider these advantages so that you understand what you can enjoy when you reach out to a company that can help you. 

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Swimming Pool Resurfacing: Why It Is Important & The Cost To Get It Done

Have you noticed a lot of rust at the bottom of your swimming pool? If so, you may want to hire a specialist to resurface the pool because the rust can harm you when swimming. Find out why it is vital for a swimming pool to undergo occasional resurfacing, as well as what you can expect to pay a pool repair specialist.

What Makes Resurfacing a Swimming Pool Important?

One of the bad things about having a swimming pool with a rusty surface is the risks of you getting exposed to bacteria called clostridium tetani. Although walking on the rust can cause harm by cutting up your feet, the main concern is the bacteria that can build up on it and get inside of a cut. If your body is exposed to clostridium tetani, you can get tetanus that can cause your skeletal muscle fibers to contract for a long time.

You should not avoid getting your pool resurfaced when rust is present because tetanus can be fatal. The condition can also cause symptoms such as headaches, high blood pressure, irritability and high blood pressure. You will be better off staying out of the pool until the rust is removed.

Another good reason to get a swimming pool resurfaced is to get rid of cracks where debris can accumulate. You don’t want sharp objects falling into the water and getting stuck in cracks, as they can puncture your feet. Cracks in the surface of a pool can also make the water appear unclean if dirt accumulates in them.

What Does a Swimming Pool Specialist Charge for Resurfacing?

The price for getting a swimming pool resurfaced will depend on the overall condition of your specific pool and what kind of repairs is necessary. A specialist will likely want to inspect your swimming pool before you can receive a direct price quote. You can expect to be charged an average of $2,500 to $22,000 plus, depending on the type of resurfacing being done and any extra repairs.

A swimming pool that has a smooth surface will be more relaxing because you won’t have to worry about walking on rust and cutting your feet. Getting your pool resurfaced will reduce the risk of bacteria from rust getting into your body. Get in touch with a specialist from a company like Pool Service Co. so he or she can bring your swimming pool to a good condition!

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3 Commonly Asked Questions About Spray Foam Insulation

The better insulated your home, the lower your energy bills will be. It is because of this more people are turning towards the highly efficient spray foam insulation. Before you use the insulation, there are a few things you should know. 

What Is the Difference Between Open and Closed Cell Insulation?

Spray foam insulation is available in two different forms. Open-cell insulation is not as dense as closed cell insulation. It also has a lower R-value level. The R-value references how thermal resistant a material is. As a result, closed cell insulation is more efficient than open-cell insulation.

Another major difference that can have an impact on which type of spray foam insulation you use is that closed cell insulation tends to expand a bit slower, but it holds up better against moisture. 

Where Should You Use Spray Foam Insulation?

Spray foam insulation is highly versatile and can be used in different environments. However, it is important that you use the right type in the right environment. 

If you are retrofitting your walls, closed cell insulation might be the better choice. It provides maximum insulation and cures slowly. It is because of this, it is less likely to bulge or cause a buildup of pressure within your walls. 

Newer homes are better suited for open-cell insulation. It offers better soundproofing and it expands quickly, which is ideal to avoid slowing down construction. 

The foam insulation should be applied in any area in which you plan to install insulation. Try to use the closed cell in the high moisture areas though.

Is There Aftercare Involved with the Insulation?

Spray foam insulation cannot be applied, painted over, and forgotten. The insulation has toxins and can be quickly ignited in certain conditions. In your area, there are most likely building and safety codes that dictate the best way to finish an insulation job. 

In most instances, covering the insulation with fire-resistant sheathing is required. This reduces the chances that the insulation can lead to a fire. For instance, you can apply drywall over the insulation that was used for your walls. Your contractor can help decide the best way to ensure your home is safe. 

Spray foam insulation is a quick way to make your home more energy efficient. If you are thinking of retrofitting your walls, talk to a company like Bios Environments about whether or not spray foam insulation is right for your home.

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Concrete Versus Asphalt: Which Is Right For Your Driveway?

Putting a new driveway on your property can make your home look more beautiful while taking stress off of your tires as you pull up to your home every day. The most important decision you will make is what type of material to use for your new driveway. There are a lot of options out there, but two of the most popular materials remain concrete and asphalt. Here is a look at some of the pros and cons for each material, so you can decide for yourself which is best for your new driveway.


Asphalt is a resilient material that can resist cracking, giving you a beautiful driveway that can last for many years. This material is actually flexible, so it can move with the ground ever so slightly. This is especially helpful for homes in areas that experience extreme temperatures, as the expanding and contracting of the ground can cause cracks in other materials. Damage can be easily repaired with a top coat applied by your asphalt contractor. While asphalt is traditionally black, there are other colors to choose from that add a unique look to your property.

One major drawback to asphalt is that it needs proper drainage to prevent it from falling apart. Talk to your asphalt contractor about building a proper drainage system and foundation before laying the asphalt to ensure the best results for your driveway.


Many people choose concrete because it is durable and resilient. Although it is prone to cracking, it can last for decades if properly cared for. Unlike asphalt, concrete allows for clean edges along your driveway. This is one reason that many people choose concrete over asphalt. Concrete can be easily cleaned and cared for, so your driveway will look like new for longer. Concrete can be poured in the traditional way, or you can choose concrete pavers or stamped materials that add an elegant look to your driveway.

Installing a concrete driveway is a time-consuming process. Unlike asphalt, a concrete driveway takes several days to cure and dry properly. This is only a minor inconvenience, however, if you have easy street parking in the area. Concrete can’t be touched up with a top coat like asphalt, so repairing cracks and unsightly damage can be more difficult.

Both asphalt and concrete need to be resealed every few years in order to protect the surface of the driveway. Talk to your asphalt contractor about which options are best for your driveway. Be sure to ask about drainage systems and foundations for your driveway that help to keep either material looking its best.

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